YouTube wants to automatically download videos for you


Youtube plans to wear a popular youtube music function to the main application.

The latest addition to the platform hubwhere he leaves Prime members sign up to test experimental features, is “smart downloads.”

This feature detects when users are connected to Wi-Fi and uses that connection to download up to 20 recommended videos per week to their device. The idea is to create some kind of automatic backup so users will always have content to watch if they lose internet and/or cell service.

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Smart Downloads appear in the user’s Library tab, in the Downloads section.

If users don’t have enough storage space on their phone to download all 20 videos of the week, they’ll apparently get some kind of notification “that they need to take additional steps for smart downloads to continue,” according to Youtube.

As 9to5Google points out, Smart Downloads is very similar to a feature already available to Premium YouTube Music subscribers. The Music version of the feature automatically downloads songs based on users’ previous listening histories.

The /new hub offers are generally available to all Premium users, but for now the Smart Downloads test is only available to select users in Europe, and only available on android Telephone (s.

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Deana N. Guinn