YouTube Music Android Auto app now reads downloads for free


Before the shutdown of Play Music, Google made a push to add key features to the YouTube-based alternative, especially for free users. YouTube Music app for Android Auto now works to play downloaded songs.

YouTube Music’s Android Auto and CarPlay apps have always required a paid Music Premium or Premium subscription to access them. Zero functionality was previously available to free users. For example, there is no free radio filled with ads like on mobile clients.

Now these users can access and play their downloaded tracks. It was a glaring omission of functionality in the past and a big incentive to pay for the monthly subscription. Your library now appears and can be browsed. Google Assistant voice commands also work to find and start playback.

It comes as the free tier has started in recent weeks to let you stream downloaded songs to Assistant smart speakers and download playlists with user content for offline playback.

To date, this YouTube Music feature is widely deployed on car head units and Android Auto on phone screens.

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