WhatsApp media auto-download issues (settings to save are disabled)


Hello, I have followed various tips from WhatsApp support regarding autosaving of images and media. I was forced to fix this despite having all settings to save turned off, as it clogs up my photo library (every photo is saved, dozens a day).

1) Support told me I need to upgrade to the latest version of WhatsApp
A) I did it and the problem still persists

2) I was told to completely uninstall the program and then reinstall it
A) Images and media still go to my library

3) I was told to wait for a new program to be released then install it and that would fix the problem.
A) It was months ago and no new program, ie. my friend has the same as me, our settings are exactly the same and she doesn’t have this problem.

Overall I don’t know what Whatsapp support is doing as they tell me something new every time I ask for help with this problem. None of their instructions helped solve this very annoying problem, and I don’t know what to do.

As mentioned before, I checked all the settings and compared them with my friends’ phone and made sure they were set up the same. This problem is already costing me and will continue to cost me weeks to sort through my photo library each time I clean up my images.

I would love some advice and help on this! Thank you very much in advance…

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Deana N. Guinn