WhatsApp Beta hints at advanced search, new automatic download rules, more


WhatsApp is the world’s most widely used instant messenger, serving over two billion users worldwide. The number of messages exchanged on the platform each day is incalculable and a large part of these messages includes multimedia like GIFs, photos, videos, documents, etc. Naturally, going back and searching for previously shared media can be a very taxing process. The Facebook-owned company recognizes this agony and may soon launch an advanced search function to alleviate it. Besides, WhatsApp should also work on password protection for WhatsApp chat backups on Google Drive and remove auto download option for frequently transferred media.

Advanced search

The beta version of WhatsApp was recently updated to version 2.20.117 and fixes random crashes due to a missing library called “libcurve25519.so”. Besides this fix, WhatsApp is also working on an advanced search feature under the hood, revealed. WABetaInfo. The feature will allow you to use tags like audio, video, documents, links, GIFs while searching for an item sent or received during a chat.

advanced whatsapp beta search

The advanced search feature complements the current chat search option limited to only text messages currently. It has already been spotted in the WhatsApp beta on iOS, although its first benchmark was seen at least a year ago.

Backup password protection

beta whatsapp backup password

Another feature that WhatsApp is working on is password protection for chat backups on Google Drive. While online backup is encrypted, Google Drive is vulnerable to online thief attacks. Based on WABetaInfo, you can create a password of at least 8 characters to lock the backup. The password would not be synchronized with the WhatsApp account or saved on the Facebook servers. So if you set a password, you will need to write it down somewhere.

Automatic download rules

WhatsApp is also trying to curb excessive transfers on the platform. It just announced restrictions on messages forwarded in India to one chat at a time, and may soon turn off automatic downloading of frequently forwarded images, videos, documents and voicemail messages.

All of these features are under development and may reach the final beta and possibly stable releases depending on their usefulness to the development team and users.

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