The transport department is ready to authorize the automatic application service


Bengaluru: As expected, the Department of Transportation is preparing to allow app-based automotive services, and to do so, it has proposed incorporating the provisions of the Center’s “Motor Vehicle Aggregator Guidelines” into its existing rules.

In the Motor Vehicle Aggregator Guidelines-2020, it is planned to support application-based services by including clauses 13 and 14 in the “State Demand-Based Transport Technology Rules-2016” which refer to tariff regulation and cancellation of trips. This will get the official seal within the next two days and preparations are underway to issue an order soon. Normally, any modification or amendment of the rules must be approved again by the Cabinet and the session.

However, it is possible to get approval after the fact by carrying out the mission in case of urgent need. In this context, the transport department has decided to integrate complementarities for the sustainability of auto services. Ministry of Transport sources said the fare will be set at a later date.

About 1.40 lakh autos operate in the city, and at least 30-40% of these autos are linked to aggregators, mainly Ola and Uber. Below this daily minimum, 10 to a maximum of 20 trips are served. If the service is interrupted, everyone will suffer. With that in mind, additional elements are being incorporated, informed a senior official who did not wish to be named.

What’s in the guidelines?

Point 5 of 13 of the guidelines states that the state government can set a minimum rate of Rs 25-30 for app-based services. It says aggregators can also track a similar pattern rate for other vehicles. In addition, the aggregator company is also authorized to increase the tariff by 50% less than the minimum tariff or by a maximum of one and a half times as a service charge (surcharge charge). However, it is not known if this element is also included.

If so, the charge imposed on the consumer will receive an “authoritative” stamp. If the customer’s fixed location is within 3 km, it will be dead mileage. There is no charge for this. Similarly, if the reservation is canceled at the last moment by the customer or the driver, a penalty of 10% of the total price of the journey (not exceeding Rs. 100) has been authorized.

Amidst all these developments, auto services continued as usual. In addition, the service is provided at the same rate as before. Motorists said there was no difference in driver income.

On the other hand, as an alternative to this, “Namma Yatri” car service has started in the city. Just download our Yatri app and add your mobile number. Here the minimum fare is set, when booking a one-way trip, many automatic options will appear on the mobile screen with different fares. Rudramurthy, general secretary of the Autorickshaw Drivers Union, says the choice is up to the customer.

The Department of Transportation will hold a meeting Monday to incorporate the Center’s guidance points as well as fare setting into the state’s demand-based transportation technology rules. A clear decision was probably taken during this meeting of senior officials, including the secretary of the department.

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Deana N. Guinn