The Google Android Auto app will now tell you if your USB cable has gone bad


Do you hate the horrors of not knowing if your USB cable is about to go missing? Google’s new update to Android Auto reportedly added a diagnostics feature that assesses your cable or USB port to see if it’s working as expected. Former XDA Developers editor Mishaal Rahman shared the tool on his Twitter. Officially called “USB Boot Diagnostics”, the tool basically checks if the cable connects while checking the quality of the cable.

It often takes time for these features to be available to everyone. So in case you are not able to see the Cable Diagnostic Tool yet, chances are it will become available in the near future. Finding the right USB cable for your device can be a headache, especially now that companies no longer pride themselves on shipping chargers and cables in the box. As The Verge says, this tool can at least help you determine if you’ve used the right USB cable for your connectivity needs or if you need to buy a different one.

According to Rahman, the tool is available in Android Auto 7.5.121104. If you want to use the feature, make sure the update is installed. To find it, you need to head to Android Auto’s settings >> Connection Help >> USB Boot Diagnostics. Google Building Wearables That Respond to Skin Gestures, Claim Reports

Also Read: Google Play Store Tells You More About Apps Before You Install Them: Here’s Why The tool appears to work with both traditional USB cables and relatively newer USB Type-C cables. Do you think a tool like this is useful for users? Let us know in the comments below. To learn more about the world of technology and science, keep reading

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  • The Google Android Auto app will now tell you if your USB cable has gone bad
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