The Android Auto app has been downloaded 100 million times


Five years after its launch, Google’s Android Auto recently took a big step forward. On the Play Store, the Android Auto app has been downloaded 100 million times (via Android Police).

Some Google apps on Android have over a billion downloads, but only 100 million are notable for Android Auto, especially because the app was not preloaded on devices until the Android 10 update.

Android Auto, for those who don’t know, is an app with two purposes, the first being to power the experience in your car. Only once installed can users connect their phone to compatible vehicle displays to enjoy the Android Auto experience. Beyond that, the app’s other goal is to run that same in-car experience in a smaller version on your smartphone screen.

Last year, Google announced plans to drop the phone version of Android Auto in favor of Google Assistant’s new “Driving Mode”. This new feature still hasn’t arrived several months later, but in the meantime, Google has moved the Android Auto app to come pre-installed on devices with Android 10 and released another “Android Auto for phone screens’ which does what the name implies. This app, however, is just a stopgap.

As Android Auto gains popularity on new car models, the number of downloads from the Play Store will likely continue to increase dramatically.

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