New Carmel and Westfield locations for automotive technology company Aptiv


Dublin based Aptiv, an automotive technology company, on Wednesday celebrated the opening of an approximately $ 15 million facility in Hamilton County.

Aptiv, formerly known as Delphi and Delco, has around 450 jobs between the company’s tech center in Carmel and a lab in Westfield, a number that is expected to grow, said Aptiv CEO and Chairman Kevin Clark .

These employees work daily in Hamilton County to improve vehicle safety around the world, Clark said.

At the tech center, employees are developing radar technology safety solutions for the car’s interior and while it’s on the road, Clark said.

Equipment testing of this technology is being done at the Westfield lab, Clark said.

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“When you think of the solutions that we develop and put into a car, radar systems that recognize or identify things in bad weather like this, in the dark, in daylight. The software that integrates these perception systems tells the vehicle how to operate after these situations. It’s all our technology, ”said Clark.

Gov. Eric Holcomb, who attended the celebration, said companies like Aptiv are the companies Indiana wants to keep and attract.

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Wednesday’s celebration marked 85 years since the company began trading in Indiana, according to Aptiv.

“These are the companies that determine our fate, where we will be in 10, 20, 30 years,” said Holcomb. “This is how the state of Indiana works and these are the partners we seek to do business with.”

Clark said Aptiv traveled the world to choose a place to invest.

“Based on the asset base we had here, access to future county education systems, support from the governor and mayor, it ended up being a really easy decision,” Clark said.

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