How to turn on / off automatic app updates on iOS 8


In fact, this feature with default is to update automatically in the background, with this feature no need to check and upgrade any software or apps since 2007. If you want to disable this feature, just follow this guide. which provides the following below no

  • Launch the settings app and tap iTunes & App Store.
  • Once you’ve opened iTunes and the App Store, under Untitled Automatic Downloads, you’ll see options like Music, Apps, Books, and many more updates.
  • Now press the toggle switch to turn it off, which means turn off this feature.

By default, this feature will be enabled from iOS 7, you can choose whether you need automatic updates when using a data connection or not. By simply pressing the Use Cellular Data button, you will be able to download updates through a data connection. Disabling the feature will download the upgrades when the client or user connects to the WiFi network.

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