How to stop whatsapp from auto downloading


It didn’t take long for WhatsApp to become one of the most used instant messaging apps out there and to be honest, there are a lot more reasons to start using this app than not. Users are allowed to participate in audio or video calls, group chats, and even business engagement. I know so many people who use WhatsApp as their primary means of business communication and it never stops. However, one of the things I don’t like about WhatsApp is that by default the app is set to download any media you receive; this goes for audio and videos. Now, if you’re not in a lot of groups or talking to a lot of people, you’re fine. But if you have people sending you memes, cat videos, and more media left, right, and center. You might start running out of storage space pretty quickly.

Fortunately, WhatsApp allows you to turn off automatic downloading. functionality has been a staple for a very long time. However, thanks to several redesigns of the app, it has moved around several times in the settings, which can be confusing for many people who are just trying to save storage space.

Stop automatic downloading of WhatsApp and store only the images and videos you want

The process is pretty simple and shouldn’t take much time, but honestly it improves the overall user experience a lot and you don’t have to go to your gallery every other day to find unwanted media just sitting there and you wonder when it got here in the first place.

Step 1: Start by opening WhatsApp.

2nd step: Once in the application, press the three points in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Now press Settings.

Step 4: Once you are in the new menu, the next step is to press Storage and data.

Step 5: in this menu you will see an option called Media visibility. Open each of the three options and simply uncheck everything.

Once you’re done, you can just go back and start using WhatsApp as you normally would. With this feature disabled, whenever someone sends you media, you will need to open the chat and download it manually.

It might seem like an unintuitive feature, but it’s really useful for anyone trying to save their phone from the clutter WhatsApp can cause if there are too many people sending you a lot of media.

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Deana N. Guinn