Google’s new Android Auto app replacement rolled out in more countries – here’s the list


It was initially only available in the United States

Google has been particularly slow with the rollout of the Driving Assistant mode, which was announced during I / O 2019 but was not available until late 2020. Even then, it was limited to users in the States. -United. But this is no longer the case as Google is now making the feature available to users in other countries as well.

The official support page previously stated that it was only available in English in the US. It now states that some features “are not available in all languages ​​or countries”, suggesting that they are also being rolled out in other countries – they do not specify which ones. However, we can confirm that the UK is one of them – one of our readers got it on their Pixel 5.

If you don’t know, Google Assistant’s Riding Mode is intended to replace Android Auto’s phone mode. It can help you read and send messages, make calls and control media with your voice so you don’t have to leave the navigation screen.

To check if you’ve received Driving Assistant mode, open Google Maps and go to Settings> Navigation settings> Google Assistant settings. If you did, that should lead you to a new sign for the driving mode. Otherwise, it will open the General Assistant settings screen which you can access from several other Google apps.

UPDATE: 2021/04/19 7:07 am PDT BY PRASHAM PARIKH

Deployment in more countries

Google has finally shed light on the countries in which the assisted driving mode is deployed. At the time of writing this article, Android users in English in Australia, Britain, Ireland, India and Singapore should be able to access the preview.

If you are not from any of the countries listed and want to try this, you can try changing your phone’s language to English (United States). It worked for our own Rita who currently lives in Lebanon.

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