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Recent rumors and leaked images suggest that we will soon see new updates in WhatsApp for iOS 7. These new features include automatic downloads, better privacy control and a camera widget. For the first, you will have the option to customize the media you want to download automatically each time they are received. You can also enable if you want automatic downloads to occur only when WiFi connectivity is available and not over cellular networks.

update WhatsApp iOS 7

The camera widget added to WhatsApp iOS 7 will add a new button next to voice notes. It will allow you to quickly take a photo and send it to your contacts. update WhatsApp iOS 7

The third and most important feature is better privacy controls. Many of us have stopped using WhatsApp because of its “Last Seen …” feature. While you might want to talk to one or two contacts, you definitely don’t want everyone who has your phone number to see every time you log in. Quite intrusive, right?

WhatsApp’s latest update is supposed to bring privacy controls that will help you change who can see you when you log in. These new WhatsApp privacy settings will also help you customize who can see your account’s avatar. update WhatsApp iOS 7

These new WhatsApp details and screenshots come from beta tester Ilhan Pektas. If true, these privacy settings will help WhatsApp not only gain lost users but also get new ones who have not followed this WhatsApp trend due to lack of privacy. Pektas has not shared any details on when the WhatsApp update will be released.

This latest WhatsApp update with better privacy settings will definitely not be limited to iOS only, but will hopefully be updated across all platforms. Bingo to better, more private and more secure online spaces!

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