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REVIEW – Designed for DIY enthusiasts, Blue Eclipse’s BluCare Auto app promises to make you the go-to expert in your car’s maintenance and record keeping, and even remembers where you have it square !

What is that?

The BluCare Auto app is a software package that provides vehicle tracking, service records and reminders, trip information, and easy access to thousands of tutorials and service instructions.

Design and Features:

After installing the software and creating an account, cars can be added.

Can’t remember your car information? Everything’s going good here.

BluCare features include trip and mileage. Implementing this feature is straightforward – BluCare uses a connection to your vehicle’s Bluetooth to let the app know you are in the car. The app then uses your phone’s GPS to determine the distance traveled in order to track your vehicle’s actual mileage.

I have to admit that my memory is shot. There have been several times that I have been somewhere, but I couldn’t remember where I parked. BluCare includes a handy “Where did I park?” »Feature that provides the location and how to get there.

Need your insurance card? Photos of your insurance are kept in the app for easy access.

There is a handy ledger to keep track of your car’s maintenance and fuel expenses.

You can add photos of receipts, man pages, diagrams… anything that is useful for the maintenance of your tank.

Now if you are a person who likes to figure things out on their own then this is where this app shines! The BluCare app connects publicly available tutorials for your vehicle, putting thousands of solutions at your fingertips.

As a “weekend warrior” I have spent hundreds of hours in my life researching information about repairing my own vehicle and that of countless other people. BluCare has gathered this valuable information in one place, which makes maintenance magical! The accumulation and organization of this amount of information is simply astounding.

I would consider myself very knowledgeable about the features of my vehicles, but I easily spent several hours going through BluCare’s tutorial section, finding dozens of articles, tips, and information, and just did. scratch the surface of the resources available in this application.

I had the opportunity to speak about BluCare with the founder and CEO of Blue Eclipse, Craig Tieman. Craig, who has decades of engineering and several automotive patents under his belt, came up with the idea for BluCare after being the “Go-to Guy” for his family’s maintenance needs. Its concept for BluCare is to facilitate access to the large amount of data and expertise online, by effectively making “Go-To Guys” available to everyone.

Tieman comments: “BluCare aims to make everyone an expert in their car and has the potential to save the owner thousands of dollars compared to owning their vehicle. As I tend to keep my cars as long as possible, I have experienced this phenomenon myself and I can personally attest to the veracity of this statement.

As the platform evolves, Tieman plans to include manufacturer manuals, additional diagnostic tools and reports, and even troubleshooting guides when that “check engine” light appears on your. dashboard. It also intends to launch BluCare Home to be the same kind of Go-To for homeowners. When was the last time you had to look for the warranty card and proof of purchase for your dishwasher? Tieman hopes to eventually integrate other home devices such as household appliances into the app, making manuals and repairs a much easier and less scary concept.

I discovered Blue Eclipse for the first time when I was interested in their “BluRemote Auto” campaign on Indiegogo. BluRemote uses the connection of a smartphone to operate the buttons of a spare key fob stored inside the car. This allows older cars to be equipped with some high-end features without the need to make any changes to the car’s wiring. Unfortunately, like many products, development has been stalled due to COVID-19, but Tieman is now continuing this development which will continue over the next few months.

I buy so much from my local auto parts store that I am on the first name basis with the staff. I have been told that the coronavirus has a lot of people working on their cars to a significantly greater degree than in previous years. Without a doubt, BluCare fills an important need by helping to increase the trade-in value of your vehicle, reducing maintenance costs, and has the added benefit of being a lot of fun!

What I like:

  • To free! (How many times do I get to say that!)
  • Convenient location to store insurance cards, registration …
  • So… many… repairs… videos !!!

What I would change:

Final thoughts:

Sometimes an app is released that is “exactly what the doctor ordered”. BluCare’s thoughtful interface makes your car purr like a happy kitten. It’s great to have all of my car’s IDs in one place and remember where I put the damn thing! Best of all, the tutorials make many maintenance questions mundane!

Price: To free
Or buy: App Store, Play Store
Source: Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Website: Blue Eclipse BluCare

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