Bethesda Responds to Creation Club Auto Download Issues


from Bethesda Creation Club’s new showcase has been widely criticized and protested by players around the world, and Bethesda says it listens to all comments, especially the automatic downloading of Creation Club content before users even buy it.

Besides the Rather disappointing content offering and Creation Club premium currency pricing model, one of the most contested mechanics of the storefront is how it automatically downloads Creation Club content to a user’s hard drive through in-game updates. Creation Club content is added to the hard drive of a user, whether or not they purchase the content, and upon purchase, the content is simply unlocked for use. Gamers are concerned that the Creation Club will eventually consume tons of storage space, especially on consoles where hard drive space is limited.

While Bethesda Game Studios as a whole has yet to make an official statement on Creation Club’s many controversial features, a community content manager “Cartogriffi” ​​says the company is is currently working on a solution to avoid automatic downloads. This is a strong indication that the feature was intentional and is working as intended.

“Hello everyone, we are working on solutions that would not require the Creation Club archives to be part of the game patch. We certainly listen to everything people say and appreciate the constructive feedback, both positive and negative. This note was also added to the pinned FAQ “, the community manager declared in a recent post.

But why would Bethesda do this and potentially clog gamers’ hard drives? The answer is quite simple: the developer wanted to avoid the limited mod space allocation on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

“I think they were doing this to get around Sony and Xbox’s limitations on the amount of additional content that can be added. If it comes with the game, that doesn’t count against the hard limitations.” a Reddit user wrote in the sub-Reddit post that serves as the source for this article.

Myself, I still believe in Creation Club, and I think it represents a wealth of potential for Bethesda, mod makers and gamers, but of course the developers have to fix the issues. While the launch content is expensive and doesn’t represent value-driven DLC, I’m sure more awesome creations will be added over time.

But as the content grows and gets bigger and bigger, the toll of our collective hard drives also increases. Bethesda should offer users a way to simply opt out of Creation Club to avoid this constant content congestion. It’s worse for console users because Xbox One and PlayStation 4 must be connected online to access new mods, and the game forcibly updates at launch, and users must manually stop updating.

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