Best Android Auto app crashes and the fix is ​​a huge headache


Audible is one of the most popular apps that people turn to for listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and one of the top features drivers love is support for Android Auto.

But as some have discovered the hard way lately, the experience with Audible on Android Auto is far from perfect, as it is no longer possible to pause the app and then resume playing.

Basically, this means that whenever the user manually pauses playback for some reason, pressing the play button again doesn’t work because the app just fails to load the media.

As many have confirmed on Google’s forums, the issue first surfaced in late August, but as of yet, it’s still unclear whether Android Auto is the culprit or whether a recent Audible version should be responsible.

Although neither Google nor the Audible team acknowledged the bug, users have turned to painful workarounds, which in some cases boil down to closing the app, restarting it, searching for the audiobook, then resume reading. Others say it doesn’t even work and that restarting the phone completely is the only solution, which is a pretty terrible workaround for someone behind the wheel.

I have a Pixel 3 XL and a 2019 Ford Ranger with sync 3 and I have the same issue. I tried to do a master reset on the main unit, but the problem persists. I often have to disconnect my USB cable then restart the phone then reconnect the cable to connect the phone to the car and then it works,», Explains a user on the Google forums.

For now, the issue has already been reported with the latest versions of Android Auto and Audible, so it’s pretty clear that updating apps doesn’t make any difference. It remains to be seen if a future update fixes the problem, but for now, restarting the app or phone appears to be the only workaround.

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