Another Android Auto app mysteriously stops working


The New Android Auto UIThe New Android Auto UIThe New Android Auto UI Installing the most recent versions of Android Auto is often a very risky thing, as newer versions sometimes break things down and cause issues that weren’t there before. This appears to be the case with a recent Android Auto update that shipped in August that some users say doesn’t work well with a popular audiobook app.

While Android Auto still works fine, tapping the Libby icon in the app drawer no longer launches the software but throws an error saying “Libby doesn’t seem to be working at the moment”. Users claim that everything is set up correctly, including permissions, and that the latest versions of all apps are installed.

Specifically, several users are claiming here on the Google forums that the most recent stable version of Android Auto breaks the Libby app, although on the face of it there’s a chance that the culprit is actually another update. up to date. First of all, it is worth knowing precisely what is happening.

Obviously, most people rushed to blame Android Auto for all of this, but there are signs that it all boils down to an Android 13 compatibility issue. the error after updating their devices to the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system, and the aforementioned error message seems to indicate a compatibility issue.

At this point, it seems that all the generic patches that users have used are failing to bring things back to normal, so at the moment the only option is to wait for Google or the Libby devs to come up with a fix. As a temporary workaround, you can just start listening to an audiobook on the phone while driving or turn to Bluetooth connection (without Android Auto running on the car screen) until that an official fix for this bug is available.

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  • Another Android Auto app mysteriously stops working
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