Android Auto app v6.0 will likely roll out later this month, what to expect


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Google announced last year that the Android Auto app that competes directly with Apple’s CarPlay would be rolled out earlier in more countries. The company released Android Auto v5.9 in December.

  • Last update:January 08, 2021, 5:50 PM IST

After rolling out Android Auto v5.9 in December 2020, Google is expected to unveil the next version of its car assistant app this month. Some of the features that are supposed to come with Android Auto v6 include new preloaded wallpapers and improved support for Google Assistant. Additionally, Google may also add fixes for known issues like the app’s faulty dark mode. The software giant also announced last year that the Android Auto app, which competes directly with Apple’s CarPlay, would be rolled out earlier in more countries.

While Google has yet to confirm the official changelog for the update, AutoEvolution expects two key features to arrive. One of the main improvements in Android Auto v6 would be the change in overall aesthetics. Based on the codes of its current version, it looks like the company has some new pre-loaded wallpaper options. Unfortunately, users may not yet be able to choose custom wallpapers. It looks like the software giant wants to use the same approach as Apple, which also allows users to choose only a small number of pre-loaded wallpapers on the CarPlay app.

Another supposedly upcoming upgrade to the next version of Android Auto is the improved Google Assistant feedback. Google could bring assistant routines to its automatic application which is similar to the routines functionality of Google Home. It basically multitasks simultaneously, such as sending a message through Google Message or playing a specific Spotify playlist – depending on the combination of actions fed by the user. It can furthermore allow users to set a series of other tasks when their smartphone is plugged into the car. This Google Assistant feature can be triggered by voice commands or a shortcut key on the car screen.

Additionally, a Google executive working on the Android Auto team said the next update will include fixes for support for Google Assistant and Spotify. The company is also investigating issues with Google Maps and the “Auto Resume Media” feature on Android Auto.

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